County of Summit Developmental Disabilities Board

About Summit DD Board

In the beginning, individuals with disabilities in Summit County received assistance from volunteers, parents, and other concerned citizens in rented spaces, church basements and even an old cookie factory.  The Ohio State Legislature recognized the need for cohesive services throughout the state and in 1967 created county boards of mental retardation and developmental disabilities.  By 1971, Weaver School and the Tallmadge Work Center opened their doors to children and adults with disabilities.

Over the years, the Board has grown to include the Weaver Learning Complex, offering preschool through high school education as well as an integrated daycare center. The Tallmadge Center is now one of ten facilities including locations in Akron, Osceola (Potomac), Coventry, Ellet, Springfield area (Southern), Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton and Twinsburg. The county board is also instrumental in providing services throughout the community to individuals with disabilities ranging in age from birth to death. Currently, the board offers services to more than 4,000 individuals with disabilities in Summit County.

In addition to these facilities, the county board has established a new way of doing business that is placing service and support administrators (SSA) into the community, so they can begin to serve people in the neighborhoods where they live. Community SSA offices can now be found on West Market Street and in Hudson and all of the county board facility locations.

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